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So what is a Scotch Accessory?

Well, there are a  few!

First the Glass and there are quite a range of different glasses for Scotch drinking

Then there is the Quaich! This an ancient toasting cup!

And to make Scotch portable you need  a good Flask!

One or two more include  Chilling stones and of course Ice.

Let’s look at Glasses. I have about 4 different types that I use


There is the Standard Glencairn Glass.

Nosing Glass

Nosing Glass

This is shaped like a tulip with a very sturdy base. That is needed to stop the glass tipping over. Well, maybe not but don’t let your glass tip over.

The shape allows the Scotch aroma to concentrate at the top of the glass and focus the aromas onto the Nose. The wide bowl allows you to see the colour of the liquid and admire it before nosing. One general rule for all liquor glasses is not to wash in heavy detergent as that can impair the flavours.


Then comes the Stemmed Nosing Glasses



These are perhaps unique to Scotch, unlike the Glencairn which works well with Bourbon and other Whiskeys. This glass bowl is not unlike the Glencairn but is smaller and sits atop a Stem and Base. Some of these even have small glass or pewter lids to keep the flavour in and unwanted objects out. These are very often referred to as Snifter Glasses as they do not hold a large amount of Scotch.

 The Dedicated Tumblers



When I visited the Bowmore Distillery in Islay Scotland I purchased two wonderful glasses for their Scotch. They are shaped like a standard tumbler with a small base and a wide Lip on the top edge. This lip tends to help focus the aroma and prevent drips. the wide bowl once again allows a great view of the liquid as you swirl it around in your hand. Most dedicated tumblers are designed and marketed by individual Distilleries and will bear their Logo. One of the best bargains on glasses you will find comes from the Glenmorangie Distillery, they sell bottles of their “Original” in a presentation case with two free glasses, as can be seen below.

But whatever glass you choose enjoy your wee dram.


Fill the glass with about two fingers, pause for a moment to admire the colours of the amber liquid, swirl the liquid around the glass, (don’t spill any) look at the way the liquid adheres to the glass surface, this is called the legs, just like in wine tasting. Now run your nose over the top of the glass and inhale gently. What do you smell, well, depending on the Scotch it could be anything from smoke to peat to heather and all aromas in between.

Ok, you have the nose now take a sip, yes you can drink it! Let the liquid run over your tongue and get your first impression of the taste. Hold it there, savour this moment. Now try to determine what you taste apart from Scotch. Some people will wax lyrical with descriptions, some will just say a few words but whoever you are just enjoy it for what it is. One of Scotlands finest exports! Try tasting with a friend or two and compare the Nose and the Aromas between you.
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The invaluable Flask

This a an invaluable accesory for anyone drinking Scotch. You can take your favourite brand with you anywhere.

There are dozens of flasks on the market but not many designs

If you are going to carry one in your Sporran you will need a Flat Flask and of these there are many, my favourite has a 16 ounce capacity and has some tartan cloth on it.


If the restraint of the Sporran isnt not a concern I love my round flask with the two stainless steel sipping cups


More to come on other Accessories…….

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