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This page is dedicated to my choice of Scotch for a particular Month.

I invite you to try it out after I post and maybe come back to me and my readers with your comments!

Enjoy and do not forget to Drink Responsibly. So here we go.. read on…

February’s Scotch Choice

This month I will be featuring Bruichladdich “The Laddie.”

OK, I was not able to source any Bruichladdich in Knoxville so had to change my selection

I will now be reviewing Jura Brooklyn. A very interesting selection I must say.

Jura Brooklyn

I purchased this with a very open mind. Jura Scotch is usually very good and I have never tried any of their finer vintages but what the heck, I decided to go for it.

I do not usually go as high as $65 for an untried Scotch but the name had me intrigued.
Was Brooklyn the American one and if so what was the connection with Jura?

Jura Brooklyn

Jura Brooklyn

I was about to find out!

How many of you have ever heard of Jura. It is a small Island off the West coast in the Inner Hebrides District of Scotland and has 186 human   inhabitants and over five thousand Deer.

So what is with the name?

Well, Jura sent their Master Distiller, Willie Tait to the USA and Brooklyn island in particular to look at how the       people of Kings County USA enjoy   their Whiskey and could that inspire him to make an artisan Malt Scotch. Of  course as we all know if it’s Scotch it has to come from Scotland   originally. But why Brooklyn?

To quote Willie, “Some places, some people just give you a feeling that you’re thinking the same or you have the   same sort of sense of humor, I find that when I go to Brooklyn.”

So off he went with six cask samples and returned with an inspired blend hand-selected by some of the borough’s  most revered inhabitants and establishments.
Places such as Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Buttermilk Channel, and the Bedford Cheese Shop.

They paired the selections with various chocolates, cheeses, and Brooklyn foods like Fried Chicken. What they  came up with was Jura Brooklyn.

Now for the Taste and Flavours.

Jura Brooklyn is aged in American White Oak Bourbon, and finished in Amoroso Sherry, and Pinot Noir casks.

As you pour a wee dram the first thing you will notice is the beautiful caramel colour.
Slowly swirl the liquid in your glass the nose it. I got a beautiful peaty aroma with an undertone of coffee.
My first sip was astonishing, Smoke and a good sweetness like Honey. Not a high alcohol blitz on my tongue. The finish was long and the flavours stayed strongly on my palate.
Now try the same pour but add a small cube of ice or a teaspoon of distilled water to it. This is one Scotch that doesn’t change dramatically with this addition but merely smooth’s out the flavours.

This is a great Scotch to drink with almost anything, however I tried drinking it with Scottish Butter Tablet and it was superb.

I highly recommend this to you, even at $65 it is a great purchase.